Cambridge Exam Preparation Course B1 | ESOLB1-Preliminary


Applications are now CLOSED until May 2024 for Cambridge English.

If you wish to practise your English in the meantime, please apply for a non accredited English class. Click HERE to apply under ESOL.

  • Please note: All applicants are assessed and placed on a course suitable for their English language level.


This course is designed to prepare learners for the Cambridge B1 Preliminary exam (Intermediate). The course covers the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills needed for the exam as well as relevant vocabulary and grammar.


After learners pass the B1 Preliminary Exam they will receive their internationally recognised Cambridge certificate stating that their English language is at the B1 level. They will be able to: 

  • Read simple textbooks and articles in English 
  • Write letters and emails on everyday subjects 
  • Show awareness of opinions and mood in spoken and written English 
  • Improve work, study and travel prospects

Applicants should be at a pre-intermediate level and be able to:
  • Understand sentences and common expressions about familiar topics
  • Communicate in simple, everyday tasks
  • Describe aspects of their past, environment and matters related to their immediate needs using  simple language.

  • B1 Preliminary Cambridge certificate


This course will be:

  • Part Time (twice a week) – morning


This course is funded under BTEI funding. In order to be eligible for free classes, applicants must be:

  •  An Early School leaver, and/or
  •  In receipt of a Social Welfare Payment, and/or
  • A holder of a GP or Medical Card, and/or
  • Signing up for credits.


This course takes place in Balbriggan.